• Bway Bldg. Brgy. Tenejero, Balanga City, Bataan, Philippines


January NSPIRE was officially founded
Launched RFID Processing System powered by School Gate Monitoring System and School Management System

February SMS module integration on School Gate Monitoring System
Started offering payroll system to private institutions and barangay system to LGUs

March Offered Event Log Monitoring System for National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) 2015 which paved way for more government projects

April Developed and launched POS system for fine dining

September Vision and Core Values Statement of the company have been finalized

March Launching of Smart Gatekeeper, a project for SMART Communications


November Development of BPLS and Tricycle Profiling System

Launching of Quarry system and Queueing System
Started government HRIS projects, which later on became HRMS


Application of NSPIRE Comprehensive Government Management System (NCGMS) to National Library for copyright


Major improvements in the HRMS, particularly, hardware integration like flap barriers and digital persona biometrics


The birth of iGuard Digital Logbook


January Started NSPIRE Enterprise Resource Planning, but halted due to ongoing developments on other existing systems


July Developed OLMS (Online Load Monitoring System)

August Launching of iGuard Website

September Branding the Queueing Management System as NQ (NSPIRE Queueing)

December Started NSPIRE Election Profiling (NEP) System

April PRIME HR domain was acquired


May Creation of NSPIRE Licensing App

June Rebranding of NQ to NEXX


NSPIRE Inc. started with a vision of providing everyone an opportunity to get a life outside work and business through technological advancements. It was co-founded by Harold M. Macapagal in January 2015. Even before its official launching, the company had its humble beginnings at a one-storey house in Puerto Rivas-Ibaba, Balanga City, Bataan, with only two programmers and one administrative assistant working together on different product developments, particularly the radio-frequency identification (RFID) system, which became its pioneer product.




The company kept on exploring different possibilities involving information technology and came up with line of products that promote ease of use, efficiency and digitalization. Over time a greatly expanded line of products were developed, some failed but more have been successful and continued on thriving.

At present, the company boasts its roster of products that integrate software and hardware like PRIME-HRMS, Private HRMS, iGuard Products and Queuing Management System to name a few. NSPIRE also started venturing franchising this 2022 through NSPIRE Franchising Corporation and is now considered as the first IT Solutions Franchise in the Philippines. In addition to the main office located at 2nd Floor BWay Building, Tenejero, Balanga City, Bataan, the company has also extended up to the first floor of the same building where it houses NStore, the company’s hardware and franchise concept store and at 3rd Floor Angulo Building, Poblacion, Balanga City where the Operations and Franchising unit are located.